Plastic Fish Bowls Look Great With Color Tints and Silk Screened Logos

Are you looking for an innovative way to serve drinks at your tavern or restaurant, but can't find a container that suits you? Do you need a promotional item unlike anyone else's? What about a countertop display? Fish bowls are unusual, interesting, and will cause you to stand out from the crowd, and plastic fish bowls look great with a silk screened logo and color tint. Fishing Logo

There are a variety of uses for silk screened and color-tinted fish bowls. Consider some of the following:

Centerpieces. Hotels and restaurant chains often use these containers for table centerpieces. Fill a fish bowl with some artificial flowers to create a one-of-a-kind display. Have the sides silk screened with your company or establishment's logo so your customers see your name and remember what a great time they had.

Donation bins. Charities and non-profits sometimes use these versatile containers to collect donations at area restaurants and shops. With the manager's permission, place a fish bowl on a countertop, near the cash register. Make sure to leave some literature about the services you provide and the need to raise money, and watch the donations roll in. People are often willing to give their loose change after a business transaction, rather than have it clinking around in their pocket or purse. 

Capitalize on people's generous spirit. Have the silk bowls screened with your charity's logo and tinted to catch the eye.

Drinks. Fish bowl cocktails are very popular with the under-30 crowd. Better yet, have the side of the drink emblazoned with your company logo and allow customers to take it home. Sitting there on the shelf, it becomes a memento of a special evening, and a piece of advertising that keeps paying off.
Lotteries. Leave a fish bowl by the cash register and invite the lunch crowd to drop in business cards. Once a week, draw a card for a free lunch or some other prize. Have it silk screened and color tinted, to make it stand out more at the cash register.

Displays. Use fish bowls to maximize counter space. Fill them with penny candy, small toys, or impulse items. Have your logo emblazoned on the side, or buy them tinted in different colors, to make an even more colorful display.

Pets. Of course, you can also use fish bowls to keep fish. Consider a pet for the store or restaurant; a nice bowl with some fish near the cash register will delight the children, have a calming effect on your patrons, and add a domestic touch to your family establishment. Make sure to have your fish bowl silk screened and color tinted, for maximum effect.

Fish bowls are versatile and reusable. Silk screened logos and colored tints look great on fish bowls and on your company's bottom line.

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